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Portieri Videx videocitofonici Art.4384 e 4384X
La VIDEX introduce un nuovo portiere videocitofonico Art.4384 (disponibile anche in variante “4384X”) specifico per il sistema digitale VX2300 BUS “2 Fili” Integrale. Il modulo 4384 condivide molte caratteristiche del 4333 e come quest’ultimo ha due modalità operati
Videx new video speaker units Art.4284 & 4284X
Videx is glad to introduce the new video camera Art.4284 (4284X also available) specific for the VX2200 digital system (Audio 2 wire bus and video 6 wire bus). As the previous version Art.4283, this new model also allows the user to set the video mode (balanced signal on 2 wires or
Codelock modules Art.4901, 4902 and 4903
Videx has renewed its digital codelocks line for the 4000 Series modular system by introducing 3 new products: Art.4901, Art.4902 and Art.4903 These three new panels have similar or more advanced features compared to the old versions they replace; they are also equipped with a
New Videx IP system
Videx is glad to introduce its new IP system. With this system Videx combines its expertise in video door entry field with all the advantages offered by the IP technology. Thanks to this technology now, distance limits will not be an issue and future installation expansions