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New Videx IP system

New Videx IP system

Videx is glad to introduce its new IP system.

With this system Videx combines its expertise in video door entry field with all the advantages offered by the IP technology.

Thanks to this technology now, distance limits will not be an issue and future installation expansions will be carried out more easily without needing invasive interventions; indeed, to add an extra outdoor panel or an indoor unit you will just need to add the new device to the existing network infrastructure.

The current IP range (the range will be constantly expanding) will allow to carry out from small size installations (1 family installation with one indoor unit and one outdoor panel) to large installations with multiples entrances and thousands of apartments.

Intelligent devices such as the outdoor panels and the indoor units can be programmed and updated through firmware. This feature gives more flexibility to the system which, in the future, can be adapted to customers’ needs simply by adjusting the configuration.

Once the system is connected, the whole configuration is done through Videx IP Wizard software which allows the user to record the installation on Cloud Videx and to use Videx CloudNected Client APP.

“Videx IP Wizard” installation software which can be downloaded freely from web site (for subscribed installers).

iOS & Android “ Videx CloudNected Client” free APP.
It can be used to operate some functions of the video system on the smartphone.

The IP range of products are currently sold either in kits for small installations or separately for larger systems.